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Regular logbook services are essential to maintain a manufacturer’s statutory warranty for your new car.
By using the OEM parts and strictly following the manufacturer’s specifications, our qualified mechanics provide you with excellent logbook services.
As dealers do not have an exclusive right to offer logbook services, you can avail our following logbook services and can save you time, energy and money.
logbook servicing Dandenong

Log Book Services

  • Diagnostic Testing & Fault Testing
  • Brake and clutch servicing
  • Air-conditioning servicing
  • Engine servicing and repairs
  • Head servicing, repairs and replacement
  • Tyre sales and fitting
  • Road testing of the car
  • Safety Checks
  • Replacement of engine oil and oil filter
  • Check and top-up of tyre pressure
  • Wipers Checks
  • Fuel filter and fuel lines Checks
  • Brakes and clutch system Checks
  • Pressure test of the cooling system
  • Adjustment of handbrake (where applicable)
  • Steering and suspension Checks
  • Lube all doors
  • Battery (including charging) Checks
  • Steering and suspension Checks

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